Trout Fishing in South Africa

Thursday, May 18, 2017 by socms_admin

Images courtesy of Take Me Fishing

I know that in winter most people would rather be indoors, by a fire, where it’s snug and warm, but it’s in winter that we really need the Vitamin D that comes from being outside in the sun.

We’re very blessed with our South African Winters. While the mornings are often bitter, as the sun climbs so does the temperature. So much so that it’s actually quite pleasant during the day, and that’s when you want to be outside soaking up that vitamin D.

Fishing is a great way to spend a winter weekend out in the sun, and is an exciting sport for beginners and experts alike. I remember the delight of 9 year old me seeing the float bobbing away and letting me know that my line had a bite! There are fantastic fishing spots all over SA, with trout-fishing being a particular favourite, and many of the trout farms rent out rods so that everyone can get involved with the fun.
Image courtesy of My Fly Fishing Estate

You can find out more information on trout fishing here, so pack your best coffee in a flask and go out and experience the wider world of hobbies!

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