Snow Globe Cupcakes!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by socms_admin

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I’ve mentioned before that I love winter. I really do, but if I’m being honest, I will admit that sometimes the cold does get to me. Especially when I haven’t worn a thick enough jersey, my nose is running and the tears of self-pity are freezing to my face. At times like that, I do feel like winter has betrayed me. But then I have a mug of steaming, frothy hot chocolate and a cupcake, and remind myself that even the best relationships have their rough patches.

The cupcake can serve as a reminder of the good times, especially if it is a winter themed cupcake. And because I really do love winter (even if I don’t like it very much right now) sometimes I need that reminder to bring us back together. This last freezing cold, rainy weekend, when I started feeling like winter and I are no longer friends, I came across the ultimate winter theme – Snowglobe Cupcakes! These beautiful, frosted cupcakes remind me why I fell in love with winter in the first place, and can certainly get us through the tough times

Find the tutorial from here for when your relationship with winter is feeling a bit strained  😮

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