Magnetic Wristband for Tools

Friday, December 9, 2016 by socms_admin

If you’re a person who likes to work with your hands, then you know that there is nothing worse than not having your tools within reach. You’ve just gotten the pieces in the right position when you suddenly realise that your pins are on the other table. So you have to put everything down, get your pins and start again. It’s so frustrating, and takes twice as long!

Many of the tools we use in our hobbies are metal, which is what makes this gift perfect for the home handyman-or-woman. A magnetic bracelet strap which you wear around your wrist, ensuring that your tools are exactly where they need to be! The fabric covering also means that it can be made to look manly or feminine, depending on who you have in mind.

Click here to view the tutorial, and as always, don’t forget to post the photos on the Hobby-X Facebook page.

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