Hand-painted Japanese Rice Bowls

Thursday, December 15, 2016 by socms_admin

I love Japanese rice bowls. I love their versatility. They’re not only good for holding rice (gasp!), but also for small salads, beads, chocolates,floating candles, small bunches of flowers… the list goes on. I do not, however, like their price. These little bowls make such great gifts, but tend to be quite expensive for their small size – which is why I love today’s project!

As you may know after 10 days of Creative Christmas Projects, I love handcrafted gifts. They are so special and individual, and it makes gift giving so much more than a frantic last minute dash through the holiday-packed shopping centres. There are two main things I love about these hand painted Japanese rice bowls.

The first is that they don’t have to be blue! This is a big one for me, because while my kitchen has largely been themed around my rice bowls and Delft Mugs, not many other people have. So this is a great gift that can be individualised.

The second is the rebirth of ceramic painting! I haven’t done ceramic painting since I was about twelve, and am so excited to see such a fun twist on one of my favourite childhood hobbies. I have since been doing some research on modern ceramic painting and am completely blown away by what people are doing! (But that’s a topic for next year)

Have a look at the tutorial from thelovelydrawer.com for making your own hand painted Japanese rice bowls here. There are still a few days before Christmas to get in some creative Christmas projects. Don’t forget to share your photos to the Hobby-X Facebook page!

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