DIY Bathbombs!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 by socms_admin

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It might not be cold right now, but we know that it’s coming. This week, in fact. A few weeks ago, we had our first taste of winter, and let’s be honest, IT WAS COLD! It seems to me that now is a good time to make like a squirrel and start prepping for the cold that is on its way.

After a long day spent cycling, fishing, hiking, being outside, or just generally living, there is very little better than a long hot soak in the tub to relax your tired muscles and mind. And could there be anything more fun and more indulgent than a Bath Bomb? You know the ones. They fizz in the bath, the bubbles tickling and making the bathroom smell wonderful…I’m starting to feel relaxed just thinking about them!

I found the most fantastic article on DIY Bath Bombs that will make all your pampering dreams come true. So give them a try, and remember that they also make great gifts for winter babies 🙂

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