Nuts and Bolts Chessboard

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 by socms_admin

This one is for the lads! Or for the girls to make for the lads, or for the girls to make for themselves. This is such a great project for anyone who enjoys boardgames and DIY. It’s especially good if you have a whole bunch of nuts and bolts  lying unused at home, but if it’s also really affordable to buy the elements if you don’t. I’ve never been able to get into Chess myself, but my Dad and sister used to spend hours across the chessboard, so the ebony and ivory pieces were never far away. I even know how the pieces move! I love this tutorial because it gives an edgy steampunk feel to the classic original game.

Click here to view the tutorial, and don’t forget to share pictures of the finished product to the Hobby-X Facebook Page! Hobby-X – 20 Years of Happy!

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